WaPo – New careers, big trips, caring for family – Life changes can be easier when you’re single


  • often, in movies, TV shows, novels and popular songs, single people are tirelessly seeking coupledom rather than living their single lives to the fullest
    • however, a large role of freedom in the lives of people who are single
      •  great adventures and their passion projects, turning their backs on secure, well-paying jobs to pursue work they loved
  • study comparing lifelong single people to married people found that for the single people, the more self-sufficient they were, the less likely they were to experience negative feelings
    • “If you go by yourself, it is the relationship with yourself that is put to the test, and that is where growth happens.”
    • when they were married, they fantasized about their passions. And when they were single again, they acted on them.
  • study of more than 200,000 adults from 31 European nations found that singles, more so than married people, value freedom
  • For married and unmarried people, the more they value freedom, the happier they are
    • And is even stronger for people who are single

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