WaPo – Purchasing a Portable Power Generator


I’ve definitely found the several generators I’ve owned over the years really handy. Sump pump to keep basement from flooding and furnace to keep house warm not to mention a few lights running and frig’s going. Not enough to power for AC or baking bread in oven

  • Don’t wait until the lights go out
  • Gasoline-powered portable generators easy to use
  • How frequently do you experience a power outage?
    • Most outages usually last only three hours
    • Is your home habitable without power?
  •  identify the lights, electronics and appliances you want to run and the watts they consume
    • http://www.generac.com/portable-sizer
    • extension cords running from a generator can power anything that plugs into a wall socket
    • hard-wired appliances you’ll need to have a a manual transfer switch
  • No portable generator can power an entire house
    • for that you’ll need a home standby or whole-house generator
  • Models come with either a recoil handle electric “push-button” start
    • one or more outlets to plug in extension cords
    • wheels 
  • needs to be at least 20 feet away from your home when running because it produces carbon monoxide (and potentially noisy)

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