NYT – 3 Tips to Have Better Conversations




Food for thought. I personally have a terrible time with the “make eye contact”… I loose any concentration on what is being said or what I’m trying to say when trying to do that … lol

  • Being someone people enjoy talking with really boils down to being genuine and being genuinely interested
  • Know the 3 tiers of conversations
    •  safe territory: sports, the weather, pop culture, local celebrities and any immediate shared experience
    • potentially controversial: religion, politics, dating and love lives
    •  the most intimate topics: family, finance, health and work life
    • (Rather than “So, what do you do?” change it to “What keeps you busy?”)
  • Be more interested to be more interesting
  • Don’t be a conversation hog
    • Be attentive and give eye contact
    • Make active and engaged expressions.
    • Repeat back what you’ve heard, and follow up with questions
    • If you notice something you want to say, don’t say it. Challenge it and go back to listening
    • seek out the other person’s opinion as well

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