Masterclass – Thomas Keller – Confit – Eggplant and Garlic

  • Confit is something cooked in (fat)
  • Very famous version of confit is “confit of duck” … used to preserve … long, low cooking and then store the duck in its fat. Can be preserved over winter
  • Confit technique cooks, in fat, an item at low temperature
  • Other vegetables that can be confit are mushrooms, onions, potatoes,
  • The confit technique results in vegetables being very creamy, almost pudding like
  • The confit garlic results in very sweet garlic and can be used to finish other dishes, either whole or pureed
  • When salting a vegetable prior to cooking results in denser/meatier vegetable
  • In technique for confit for vegetables, heat vegetable oil to 250 degrees and then ladle over vegetables in a pan till covered (lots of oil needed) along with bouquet garni
  • Put oil covered veggies into oven at 300 degrees. Cook for 45-60 minutes
  • After done, can either serve immediately or transfer to container (along with oil) and store for several weeks in refrigerator.
    • Unclear why duck can be used over winter but vegetables only a few weeks (refrigerated)
  • If serving immediately, don’t throw oil away as it can be used for other items…salad dressing, finishing oil, etc

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