Master Class – Thomas Keller – Roasting Zucchini

  • Start by slicing in have
  • Then score (cross hatch with knife) in roughly ¼” diagonal pattern
  • Then sprinkle salt over the vegetable to draw out water. Let sit 10-15 minutes minimum.
    • When roasting, removing water helps caramelize when cooking
    • When sprinkling salt, your hand should be at least 12″ above the item…not down close to the item
  • Use canola oil (or other high flash point oil), for pan roasting
  • Heat oil in pan till begin to see whiffs of smoke
  • Drop (carefully) the vegetables into skillet in the oil and caramelize the interior of the veggie
  • After caramelized, move skillet to oven at 425 and cook for around 25-30 minutes (still in oil) … getting very creamy

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