Master Class – Thomas Keller – Baking Beets

  • Beets very nutritious, easy to make, prepare ahead of time and won’t reduce in taste/texture
  • Want to bake beets (not boil!)
  • Bake in a technique called “En papillote” ( or “bake in paper”. Though aluminum foil can substitute for paper
  • When using aluminum foil, put shiny side inward to reflect heat inward.
  • Put beets in the “paper”, add oil and salt
  • Bake in oven 350-375 between 45-90 minutes depending on size of beet
  • Use the knife resistance test to see if done
  • Hard to “over cook” a beet
  • Peel beets (can use rubber gloves, sink with garbage with disposal and run under water, just use fingers and get beet stained fingers)
  • Peel while warm
  • As an aside… try not to “boil” any vegetable (or other items). It will dilute flavors. Adding water dilutes flavor: bake, sauté, roast will concentrate flavors
    • Think about how aged beef is done. Hung and let moisture evaporate
  • With the roasted and peeled beets, to make a beet salad:
    • Cut into wedges, add minced shallots, minced chives, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, finishing salt
  • Mincing shallots (or other items)
    • Peel outer skin
    • Very sharp knife
    • Slice vertically about 1/8″ apart
    • When doing the vertical cut, have knife side against fingers
    • When doing horizontal cuts, have knife angled slightly down towards board (not up towards fingers)
  • Think about the plating of the salad
  • Finish by sprinkling more chives on top

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