Master Class – Thomas Keller – Pureed Parsnips

  • Parsnips are a root veggie … have a woodsy smell
  • Cook the parsnip to no resistance
  • Cook parsnip in cream and water (not clear of ratio) along with salt … 20-25 minutes
  • Would work well with celery root
    • Wouldn’t work with turnip or potato due to amount of water or starch
  • After cook put into blender
  • Blender safety
    • Never start blender at high … especially with hot foods in container
    • Once turning off blender, always set speed back to low to avoid unexpected issue when restarting.
  • When blending the parsnip, start on low to get things started…may need to add water
    • Add salt
    • Add butter
    • Look for texture to begin to get smooth … add butter/water as necessary
    • Taste along the way to check salt and texture
  • Obviously, this dish has lots of fat (cooked in cream and butter added when blending…can’t be anything but tasty…)
  • Garnish with things like fresh dill bud (or perhaps chive flowers, etc)

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