WSJ – The Best Windows Laptop $1,000(ish) Can Buy

Doing some research on laptop’s as my old desktop system bit the dust after 11 years (probably got my monies worth). This article seems fairly unbiased and looks to satisfy just normal users (versus gamers, audio/video artists)

  • This article intentionally did not look at Chromebooks (didn’t run full range of Windows apps), MacBooks (luxury for the apple logo).
  • Although this article (March 2018) is new and targeted the $1000-ish price range, it did point out pricing is volatile
  • The list of 5 is
    • Dell XPS 13 – (The Pretty One) Small dimensions and bezel around display made it display “look better”. Good battery life. Downside is it costs near $1200 and only 4gbytes of RAM and 128g of storage … both rather puny.
    • Microsoft Surface Pro – (The Portable One) Downsides are keyboard is an accessory at $160 (extra). Only way to get to the $1000 is to buy cheapest model which has underpowered CPU.
    • Acer Swift 3 – (The Powerful One) – i7 Core, larger selection of ports, 14″ display. The downside are the “extras” make the device heavier than other selections so not the best ‘mobile’ device
    • Lenovo Yoga 720 – (The Affordable One) Has almost everything you’d want in a laptop. Screen flips back so you can hold as tablet. Good CPU power, good battery life. Downside are speakers aren’t that great
    • HP Spectre x360 – (The Best One) Does everything well and WSJ has recommended this one for a few years though HP keeps improving. Good speakers, keyboard, 360 degree hinge to make into table, USB-C ports as well as USB-A. Biggest downside is lid’s tendency to scuff in bag. Also, battery not as good as others

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