NYT – A 4-Step Guide to Ranting Productively


Hmmm I’m not sure I agree with any of this … #metoo, parklandsurvivors, US revolution, etc etc

  •  ranting is a good … only if you do it right
  • if wrong … lose job/friendships/marriage
  • follow four rules
    • Do. Not. Send. if even the tiniest shadow of a doubt about whether or not you should really send that email or social media, the answer is automatically, immediately and unequivocally no. (f***ing bullshit)
      • perhaps send the message to yourself
    • Find a friend
      • rant to someone you trust.
    • Not in public
      • certain things we really shouldn’t do in public
      • Nobody is in their best form when they’re ranting. (obviously Trump is the counter to this argument)
    • Don’t rant to fix things
      • rant is for you
      • ranting as something you do with the singular purpose of changing yourself

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