WaPo – The United States is way behind other countries on robot ‘readiness’



  • United States lags behind other countries in readiness
    • placing ninth on a ranking of 25 advanced economies according to a new report from Swiss technology company ABB
  • South Korea, Singapore, Germany and Canada are better prepared
  • graded the nations on three main categories:
    • innovation environment -money spent on research and development
    • school policies – early curriculums to lifelong learning programs
    • public workforce development
  • No country is “genuinely ready” in the next three decades
  •  singled out the U.S. educational system, which pushes students toward two or four-year degrees
    • (this idiot fails to realize undergrad college is really meant to teach “how to learn” … and not learn about specific items…especially if the college is teaching tech items correctly)
  • Germany, in contrast, encourages technical training (well, that seems pretty stuck in what is valid at current time)
  • China the government is updating public education to prioritize creativity, rather than acing standardized tests
    • What the US did for 2 centuries till the last 10 years … lame
  • value independent thinking over regurgitation (what the US has done well at for how long?)
  • continuous learning
  • Singapore, which ranks second on the readiness index.
    • In 2016, the Asian nation gave its citizens cash in “individual learning accounts,” which they may tap to cover job training courses at any stage in their careers.
  • United States scores higher on research-and-development spending, the dollars that fund the next advancements
    • 2.79 percent of gross domestic product to the effort

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