WSJ – The Easiest Place to Camp? On Top of Your Car


  • road trip still embodies that freedom so deeply rooted in our culture: uninhibited, spontaneous, independent
  • lately more travelers are embracing an old-school solution with a twist: perching tents atop of vehicles instead of pitching them deep in the woods
  • mini pop-up sleeping quarters are specifically designed to sit steadily on platforms anchored to the vehicle’s roof rack
  • the tents collapse into slim cases about 8 inches high, like a cargo box
  • Roof tents come in two categories
    • Soft shells crafted with tougher fabrics
    • Hard-shell dwellings, cost more but feature sturdier, aerodynamic casings you can open more easily and quickly with help from hydraulic struts
  • Most rooftop tents come with folding access ladders and foam mattresses
  • don’t offer much more than sleeping space
  •  roof-rack giant Yakima joined the game
  • offer a degree of convenience for millennials who are looking to execute easy weekend getaways without investing in gas guzzlers
    • Front Runner Outfitters
  • Most weekend explorers can install these tents on their current cars
  •  let you access territory nowhere near the beaten path
  • The roof-level offers just enough elevation from dirt and critters to calm most nervous campers in need of a restful night
  • Tepui White Lightning Tepui developed their newly released hardshell roof tent specifically for action-sports enthusiasts looking to create a homebase for their adventures
  • Yakima Skyrise Designed for weekend road trippers and vacationers with small cars
  • Front Runner Feather-Lite Made from heavy-duty ripstop canvas, the Feather-Lite is crafted to hold up in hostile conditions
  • ames Baroud Evasion Designed for hard-core overlanders (who want relative luxury), the Portuguese-made Evasion won’t seem like overkill for casual campers

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