BBC – Microsoft gambels on a quantum leap in computing

  • Microsoft researchers and Niels Bohr Institute academics is confident that it has found the key to creating a quantum computer
  • they are behind in the race – the likes of Google, IBM and a Silicon Valley start-up called Rigetti have already shown they can build systems with as many as 50 qubits
  •  these scientists are going down a different route from their rivals, trying to create qubits using a subatomic particle, whose existence was first suggested back in the 1930s by an Italian physicist Ettore Majorana
  • Microsoft’s laboratory in Delft published a paper in the journal Nature outlining the progress they had made in isolating the Majorana particle
  • belief is that this will lead to a much more stable qubit than the methods their rivals are using, which are highly prone to errors
  • have to invent a particle that’s never existed before and then use it for computing
  • strong likelihood that Google or IBM will demonstrate what is known as quantum supremacy, where a problem that is beyond a conventional supercomputer is solved using quantum methods

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