WSJ – Downloading Your Facebook Data – Here’s What to Look For

  • can request a folder of the things you have uploaded to or shared on Facebook from all your sessions on various devices  Here are instructions
    • unzip the folder, open the “index.htm” file in a browser,
  • see every Facebook friend you’ve ever had—plus the ones you’ve gotten rid of
  •  all your videos, pictures, events, liked pages, private messages and timeline posts
  • What isn’t in this single download is a lot of the behind-the-scenes data that Facebook may use to increase engagement and target ads
  • Here’s what you should look out for
    • Contacts/Call Logs/Texts
      • list of phone calls and text messages –  part of an opt-in contact-syncing “feature” available to Android users (yep…another annoying “Android” feature…gotta love that free-software)
        • can turn off the feature, and the data will be deleted if you do, says Facebook. (Go to Messenger, click on your profile picture, then click People. Look for the Synced Contacts button.)
    • Advertisers with your contact info
      • list of companies that Facebook says have your contact info. (In your file, click on Ads.)
      • business, they may add it to a customer list that can be matched to your Facebook profile.
    • Apps you login with facebook (this is so STUPID)
  • If you are planning on deleting your Facebook account, make a note of all the apps you have linked to—because they all obtained some of your personal data from Facebook. 
  • Erase your trail
    • click Security to check out your list of Active Sessions (machines currently logged into your Facebook account)

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