NYT – How to Protect Yourself (and Your Friends) on Facebook


  • Audit your Facebook apps
    •  On Facebook, go to the settings page and click on the Apps tab
    • I was dumbfounded to see 10 apps enabled. Multiple I knew I’d done but all were multiple years old and related to music concerts.
    • Remove any apps that you find suspicious or no longer use
    • Sometimes these apps try to make it seem “easy” to use by logging into them via FB…giving them access you might not want
    • another setting called Apps Others Use. This is where you choose which details are shared about you when your friends use apps …  uncheck all the boxes if you don’t want any of your information access by your friends apps
  • Audit FB privacy settings
    • Gives you ability to select what gets shared
  • Read privacy policies
    • Although I might agree with this on an academic level, who ever has the time to read the pages (and pages and pages) of legalize in these policies … written by professional lawyers that lay people could never truly understand
  • Install a tracker block
    • These try and block trackers embedded on websites…though these may create problems in an of themselves
  • Install add blocker
  • Clear browsing data
    • This is a no-brainer…even ignoring privacy issues from external sources….sometimes you let people use your computer and no need for them to see what websites you access.
    • Although not mentioned in the article, I would also suggest clearing your search histories…again, no need for apps to be able to access these (nor snoopy friends)
  • Be wary of unknown brands
    • Think twice before using something from a company you’ve never heard of….when I come across such a thing, I’ll do a separate google search to see what comes up. As the old saying goes “caveat emptor”

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