WSJ – Didn’t Like That New Album? Another One Is Coming Before You Know It

  • music business is creating more singles, mixtapes, albums and videos than ever, industry experts say, the result of cheap digital-production tools, round-the-clock social-media marketing
  • never been easier to listen to vast quantities of music, discover new artists and create, distribute and promote your own tunes
    • downside: It is harder for artists to break through the cacophony of today’s global pop-music machine
    • some fans feeling overwhelmed with the quantity of various media content (tv, social media, etc)
  • overabundance of music “has made all of us—and I include myself—superficial listeners,” … “don’t know records in the same way”
  • CDs or downloads generate revenue once, streaming a song generates royalties every time it is played
  •  amount of music released globally in 2017 is roughly seven times the amount released in 1960
  • On SoundCloud, where rap thrives, the number of hip-hop tracks uploaded in January was 30% higher than last year
  • more music catering to niche tastes can be made is a positive for fans—assuming they can sift through the offerings
  • Artists are increasingly releasing their work in a steady drip, instead of relying solely on full-length albums
  • Not long ago, record labels operated on a less-is-more strategy, seeking to avoid cannibalizing an artist’s album sales by putting out yet another one too soon and avoid the high cost of album release.
    • Streaming has axed the high cost of album release
  • Mark Mulligan, a music-industry analyst at MIDiA Research, says distributors are making money based on quantity, not quality.

I did a quick compare of music growth compared to world pop growth. From 1960-> 2016 looks to be ~10x music increase. Population growth about 2.1x increase.

World Population Growth

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