WSJ – Blockchain May Offer a Résumé You Can Trust

  • How do I know job candidates are telling the truth about their background?
  • handful of educational institutions and technology companies are working on developing trustworthy, quickly verifiable digital diplomas and résumés using blockchain
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology just issued digital diplomas based on blockchain to all of its students who graduated in February –  can be shared on social media or directly with employers
  • London-based startup Appii Ltd. see blockchain as the future of the résumé
    • develop a product that first verifies the claims individual make about their history, then issues them a digital résumé in which their data from multiple locations and institutions are listed
  • Employers and universities spend a lot of time and resources checking the work and educational backgrounds of applicants
  • digital diploma could enable organizations to instantly check credentials without running background checks
  • see this as the ability to give the student stewardship over their own records,
  •  Learning Machine , the company that worked with MIT on the code libraries behind its digital diplomas, says the technology, called Blockcerts, is an open standard
  •  part of a larger move to use blockchain to verify other kinds of credentials – for example, is looking to apply the blockchain process to situations where people need proof of having completed continuing professional-development classes, or of having attended conferences to take tests required by a professional license
  • in 2017, Arizona added a law to recognize blockchain-based digital signatures.
  • Blockchain in Transport Alliance experimenting with using blockchain technology as a form of driver identification

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