NYT – Speakers Might Be the Next Thing in Your Car to Go the Way of the 8-Track



Interesting implications for mixing/mastering of music. It’s already the case much attention is paid to mastering for car environments as that is the location the majority of people listen to music. Also, the twist indicated below the sound much more “surround sound” versus “stereo”. Wonder if the Waves/UAD/ProTools/etc/etc have visibility yet for potential plugin’s which will be needed/tweaked to address this?

  • thumping bass, rich midrange and soaring highs will still be there – just be coming from the car itself
  • German auto-components supplier, has developed technology that makes parts of the car’s interior vibrate to create high-fidelity audio on par with current premium sound systems – called Ac2ated Sound
    • germinated not from an effort to improve automotive audio but as part of a bid to reduce weight
  • turns the rear window into a subwoofer – windshield, floor, dashboard and seat frames produce the midrange – posts between the windshield and the doors become tweeters
  • result is something like an enhanced version of surround sound – You can’t tell where it’s coming from
  • key components are transducers, devices that use a magnet wrapped in a copper coil to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy – implant these transducers into car’s interior to turn panels into speakers
  • should begin appearing by 2021
  • envisions creating a basic sound system with five transducers, a midprice system with eight and a high-end system with 10
  • biggest challenge for developing speakerless audio systems would probably be eliminating the vibrations, hums and rattles that so often emanate from interior parts – and properly integrating the sound-producing parts with the rest of the car

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