NYT – China Unveils Superagencies to Fight Pollution and Other Threats to Party Rule


  • Tuesday (March 13, 2018) by unveiling new superagencies to tackle three major potential threats to popular support for Communist Party rule: financial recklessness, environmental pollution and official corruption
  • gathering powers that had been scattered across multiple regulatory agencies into a few new, stronger entities
  • would create two enlarged ministries for protecting the environment and managing natural resources, as well as a new financial regulator spanning banking and insurance
  • Xi has pushed for firmer action to control rising corporate and state debt, and to cut the smog and water pollution that have caused widespread fear and anger about public health
  • Responsibilities for protecting the environment will now come under a new Ministry of Ecological Environment, an expanded version of the old Ministry of Environmental Protection
    • new ministry’s mandate will include efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions
    • also take charge of protecting water resources from pollution
  • A new Ministry of Natural Resources will oversee land use and urban planning, sensitive areas where competition over land rights between farmers and developers
    • also manage allocation of rights to water, grasslands and forests

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