MasterClass – Thomas Keller – Sourcing Ingredients

  • Difference between sourcing ingredients in the “home” versus “high end” restaurents
  • Work with your suppliers to understand where ingredients are coming from
  • What is “local”? is it about geography…is it about distance?
  • “Local” is about quality (quality…quality). Not necessarily about distance
    • Does the farmer care about the soil, sustainability?
    • What if something was slightly outside local but they cared about quality, is that person more deserved in using?
  • Support local as what is about “quality”!!!
  • Organic/sustainability/farm-to-table terms … are they important?
  • Organic
    • Sometimes not as important as the term (note that this term requires doing some government form filling … FUCK THE GOVERNMENT)
    • Know the producers of a given ingredient and understand how they are producing
  • Sustainability
    • Just because something is “very very” far away doesn’t mean it isn’t sustainable
    • Remember so many levels of a community can be viewed as contributing to “sustainability” …not just the initial product
  • Farm-to-table (dock-to-dish, … xxx-to-plate)
    • However, chef’s have always been committed to this (quality hopefully)
  • Chefs have always tried to
    • Bring best ingredients
    • Always working farmers, fishermen, foragers
    • Doesn’t mean it happens within a given distance
  • How much are we (local people) willing to pay for quality?
    • Want to support people thru our pocketbooks
    • Some things are rare (a famous local chef might be able to get things never available to normal people/homes)

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