CNN – Interview with Condoleezza Rice – 4 March 2018

  • I think America is just fine. Do I like some of the language that comes out of this White House? No
  • David Kennedy, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian of America and I began this story some five years ago… were already seeing that we are a country divided… a country that has lost a sense of common purpose/a sense of common narrative… no country can hold together without that, but particularly one like the United States in which we’re not united by ethnicity or nationality or religion
  •  always had tensions because we come from so many backgrounds and there’s a kind of cacophony of America. But now something that I don’t remember which is that people feel prisoner of their class
  • don’t much like the term democracy promotion. It suggests that somehow we’re promoting something that people don’t want. But I can’t believe that there really are people in the world who would rather live in tyranny, who would rather be the secret police knocking at the door, not able to say what they think or worship as they please. 
  • Soviets for many, many years tried to intervene in internal politics in the United States by going to people who were disaffected and creating what they call fifth columns, people who were inside the United States who could be turned against the United States…Social media, the Internet makes it more efficient and makes it easier to do that kind of thing.
  • whatever you think about the inhabitant of the White House at any given time — and the founding fathers understood that it couldn’t be about one person. It had to be about something called the presidency
    • They also had a healthy dislike for executive power. And so they gave us two houses of Congress; they gave us a court system. They gave us governors, now 50 of them, with state legislatures. And so I think America is just fine
  • as Americans have to also respect our system, and I think our system is working quite well.

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