Washington Post – The latest mystery in publishing? That pulp is not dead.


Perhaps not 100% relevant to laser/inkjet printing – but surely another axis to say folks don’t want to consume everything digitally.

  • “People thought physical books were goners,” said Jed Lyons, chief executive of Lanham, Md.-based Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.
  • Digital books peaked three years ago, at about 20 percent of sales, compared with about 80 percent for print and audible,
    • Digital’s share has since declined to about 15 percent of sales.
  • best guess is that the print revival has to do with touch. “People like the smell, the texture, durability. You can hold it in your hand and keep them and surround yourself with books.”
  • real heart of the business lies in its list of textbook titles and its recurring revenue. (Rowan & Littlefield Pub)
    • most important customer is the college student, – they buy the books
    • Textbooks sell year after year after year after year
    • It’s like the insurance business — an annuity,    
  • Lyons loves the digital business, even though it appears to be in decline. Those sales are highly profitable, with margins of 90 percent. “The only cost of goods is the author,”

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