Chef Paul Prudhomme – Jambalaya

I remember the original shows from Paul Prudhomme on PBS. Great expansion of ways to cook that were truly American from my perspective at the time (plus lots of spice)

  • Cajon – country food
    • Developed from people coming from Nova Scotia
    • Isolated
  • Creole – city food
    • New Orleans had 7 flags (7 countries controlled since founding…Spanish, French, Italian etc.)
  • Jambalaya
    • Simple food
    • Almost anything put into dish
    • Always needed some kind of smoked meat
    • Very spicy
    • Always had rice which helped to tame spice
    • Andouille (pork smoked sausage), tousou (another smoked pork)
    • The word “jambalaya”
      • Jumbo – ham (French)
      • aya – rice (African)
      • Ala – cajon
  • Be yourself when cooking … don’t always follow recipe verbatim
  • Browning onions releases sugars (caramelizes)
  • Onions, celery, bell peppers – “holy trinity” in Cajon cooking
  • Interesting view of layering of tastes (onions, holy trinity, sausage). Dehydration/evaporation (texture changes, flavor intensification)
  • Season every step of cooking
  • Don’t confuse final step of cooking with final step of taste
  • Think about how to stage ingredients over the cooking process
  • Must release the good bits of stuff which stick on bottom of pan

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