MasterClass – Thomas Keller – Kitchen Setup – Cookware

  • Pots and pans — no called cookware (sounds more sophisticated … lol)
  • Universal lids … as opposed to specific pan lids for a given size pot/pan
    • French have for decades used universal lids … flat sheets of metal attached to handles which cover multiple ranges of pots … less material/more sustainable (well, what do you do with the standard lids you get with the pots…throw them out and buy universal…more waste?)
  • Bonded materials to create pots/pans
    • Multiple metals to produce a given pot/pan … increases conductivity
  • Don’t fry in Sautee pan (Sautee in such a pan where an abundance of oil in this pan and then add ingredients)
    • Has a great ability to recover temperature
  • (no comments on cast iron…just aluminum, perhaps copper, stainless steel)
  • Focus on weight in pan (thus perhaps why not cast iron)
  • Important to understand angle of handle
  • Sizes: 8, 10, 12″ sautee pans
  • Investing in cookware (high quality) important. Will last a lifetime (or more than a single lifetime)
  • Non-stick pans possibly ok … definitely good for omelets, crepes
  • Saucier (sabayon) pans important very good for sauces
  • Sauce pots … don’t want hot spots
  • Want a rolled edge in pans and pots as it allows easier streaming of liquid
  • A Rondo pan … large pan (roasting, poaching)
  • A sautua (straight sided sautee pan) … handles on both sides for safety
  • Stock pot (big pot blanching, soups, pasta)

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