Chef Paul Prudhomme – Blackened Prime Rib

I remember the original shows from Paul Prudhomme on PBS. Great expansion of ways to cook that were truly American from my perspective at the time (plus lots of spice)

  • Take fat cap of off prime rib
  • Punch holes into meat and season
  • Replace fat cap
  • Put in super hot over (700-800 degrees) and cook…although looks like burnt the meat still very rare. Want to burn the fat but not cook meat
  • Cut into steaks… scrape initial seasons off
  • Heat cast iron skillet very hot … put butter, seasoning and then steak from prime rib….this will caramelize butter, meat, seasonings
    • Get crust … smokey, crisp, bitter, sweet
  • This again a lesson in layering in flavor
  • Blacken … not burn
  • This episode very interesting as they but a cast iron pan in half so you could see cooking of beef
  • Great technique of browning butter for sauce (butter, lee/perins, parsley, beef stock glaze, garlic)

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