MasterClass – Thomas Keller – Kitchen Setup – Essential Ingredients

  • Salts
    • Kosher (much better than iodized salt) … a utility salt … also helps to understand how much you’re seasoning…. Also don’t drop salt from a low level but always from high level … think of sprinkling like snow
    • Do a salt test … side by side tests of salt
    • Finishing salts – sael gray (grey salt … fluer de suel) sometimes will then pulverize to get grains more uniform, English salt – morbent salt
  • Oils
    • Cooking – canola oils (high smoke points… safflower, grape, peanut, corn) – needs high flash point! Over 425 degrees
    • Finishing (seasoning) – extra virgin olive oil (can be quite spicy)…buy in smallest container you’ll use as possible … in containers which are dark glass bottle…keep away from heat…use as quickly as possible.
      • Do not cook with extra virgin olive oil (the more you heat this oil, the less flavor)
  • Vinegar (acids) – (lemon, lime, grapefruit) (white/red/sherry vinegars … not white distilled)…usually white wine vinegar
    • Enhances/elevates flavor
    • Use in conjunction with salt
    • Soups, sauces – liquid base
    • Squeeze bottles very useful
  • Pepper
    • Adds flavor (not just an enhancer)
    • Don’t add unless you like flavor

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