MIT Technology Review – IBM Raises the Bar with a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer

I hesitated to post as this article close to ‘fluff’ … perhaps more of marketing item than real substance. But, the 50-qubit item certainly worthy of note.

  • IBM announced a quantum computer that handles 50 quantum bits (10 November 2017)
  • IBM, Google, Intel, and a San Francisco startup called Rigetti are all currently racing to build useful quantum systems
  • does not mean quantum computing is ready for common use
  • quantum state is preserved for 90 microseconds
  • 50-qubit machine can do things that are extremely difficult to simulate without quantum technology (but the article FAILS to indicate what exactly these things are…wonderful)
  • professor at the University of Maryland, points out that IBM has not published details of its system in a peer-reviewed journal

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