WSJ – Business Interest in Blockchain Picks Up While Cryptocurrency Causes Conniptions

  • technology best known as the record-keeping system behind cryptocurrencies seems poised to play a broader role in business, where it could change how supply chains work
  • Walmart Inc. is beginning to use the online ledger technology to manage supply-chain data for mangoes, berries and a couple of dozen other products – will help Walmart figure out where bad food came from during product recalls – leverages IBM blockchain cloud support
  • British Airways last year tested blockchain to maintain data on flights between London, Geneva and Miami –  to stop conflicting flight information from appearing at gates, on airport monitors, at airline websites and in customer apps
  • companies that move products and people through complex supply chains see promise in the inherent security and ease of use of blockchain –  technology manages information hand-offs between lots of parties, preserving one consistent history
  • Corporate spending on blockchain software is expected to reach $2.1 billion this year, up from $945 million in 2017

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