MIT Technology Review – Quantum Inside: Intel Manufactures an Exotic New Chip

  • Intel in collaboration with QuTech has begun mfg chips for quantum computers
  • New hardware still too weak to do much real work but is outlining path for doing real-world applications
  • Quantum computers represent data in more than one state at once allowing it to compute in a fundamentally different way and perform calculations in parallel
  • Intel’s technology uses superconducting qubits – uses electronic phenomenon that only works at low temperatures. Additionally, must be impervious to radio frequency interference
  • Intel is relatively late to quantum computing work … others like google, ibm, Microsoft, etc have been working on longer
  • Applications seen to benefit from quantum computers initially include chemistry and material science by modeling complex relationships between molecules
  • Other applications include machine learning (AI)
  • With this new compute paradigm, new algorithms will need to be developed which Intel (others) are working on
  • Google is working on a 49-qubit system for 2019 and hopes to be able to do calculations that can’t be simulated on conventional supercomputer … this benchmark is called quantum supremacy.”

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