Ableten 10 Live New Features

Having been out of closely monitoring DAW’s for a while, this continues to seem “just another minor thing”. Started with eMagic years ago (bought by apple and turned into logic), MOTU’s DP (I use for tracking with MOTU’s 896’s) and Avid’s Protools (use for mixing). They all just blur together. Wonder why some of these companies don’t merge. Real interesting stuff (imo) comes from companies like Wave’s and AU.

  • New devices
    • Wavetable – synth to shape, stretch, morph sounds derived from analog synths and other instruments
    • Echo – analog and digital hw delays
    • Drum Buss – drum workstation for dealing with drums (dynamics, compression, transient, etc)
    • Pedal – overdrive, distortion, fuzz, etc
  • Workflow
    • Claimed easier capture (looks to be focused on MIDI)
    • Multiple MIDI clip editing in tandem across tracks in single view
    • Arrangement View optimized for quick editing/efficient song creation – stretch, slide – keyboard shortcuts for zoom, nudge, etc
    • Browser collections for most users most used devices
    • Updated look/feel – sharper graphics and better colors – themes
    • Note chasing to trigger on non-start playback
    • I/O renaming
    • Mix improvements – volume automation, bass mono, split stereo
    • Groups within groups – multiple levels of groups to fold tracks for simple overview
  • Push
    • Off computer support for MIDI ???
  • Sound Library enhanced
    • Curated collections for sound packs pulling together related sounds/genres
    • Build and Drop – sounds for leads, bass, drum, special fx
    • “Essential” instruments packs include electronic drums, analog drums, synth, electric keys
  • Max for Live fully integrated into Live 10
    • Faster loading of devices
    • Less CPU usage
    • Updates for synth drum, LFO and triggering from MIDI
    • Improved MIDI hw integration
      • Ability to send/receive SysEx commands
    • Multi-channel audio support

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