WSJ – Entrepreneurs Eye Africa as Tech’s Next Frontier

Yep…this is pretty obvious. The only continent left which has this ability for growth (EU during 1800’s, North America during 1900’s, Asia during 2000’s…will be interesting to watch Africa over the next 100 years). An opportunity for companies to engage with Africa on an equal basis and reap profits

  • continent is one of the few remaining frontiers for the technology industry
  • U.S., China and elsewhere are increasingly seeking out opportunities in Africa, including software firms that are recruiting African engineers for remote teams there to help make up for a lack of labor elsewhere
  •  world just doesn’t realize yet the amount of talent and brainpower that exists” in Africa
  • “There’s only so many places right now on the planet for opportunity to take hold and for needs to be met,”
  • outsiders’ willingness to underestimate opportunity in Africa is an opportunity for those trying to invest there
  • majority of funding in African tech startups stems from specially designated “impact” or “foundation” funds, which often focus on socially beneficial outcomes instead of profitability
  • as African tech hubs in areas like Lagos, Nairobi, and Johannesburg grow up, more focused, local-led tech firms are emerging
  • As Africa grows, so will its tech dominance – “We will see very large companies coming out of the continent,”

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